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Construction of offshore works
Performing dredging
Underwater inspections with r.o.v.
Underwater surveys with multibeam and sidescansonar
Recoveries and salpamenti
Demolition and restoration
Laying underwater pipelines, power lines, telephone and telecommunications
Transport and lifting
Construction and maintenance of buoys and marine civil engineering work
Qualitative and quantitative checks on ships
Cuts and excavations with explosive shaped charge
Testing hoses and pipes
Inspections on pipelines also buried, maintenance and measurement:
cathode potentials
thicknesses of the metals
inspections of welds
Eddy Current
eddy currents
Maintenance magnetoscopie or diving:
cutting and soldering
cleaning idrojet
cleaning with brush-kart
Administrative and analytical procedures
Cargo Inspections (qualitative and quantitative) of oil tankers
Anti-pollution surveillance services
Clean-up operations
Inspections videosubacquee
Sandblasting and painting metal structures and pipelines
Sorbonature or cleaning exterior and interior of tanks / reservoirs and lines, hydro jet with high pressure at 2,500 bar (new technology that eliminates the problems of blasting)