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1973 Angelo Nicitra (current chairman of ALPE Sub Ltd.), with others in the diving industry, founded the Mediterranean Sub, Cooperative into which the multi-year experience of the partners, in the work underwater.

2003 The professionalism and skills acquired in the various work experiences in which it was committed the Mediterranean Sub, determine the CEO to create a new and different business enterprise, with equipment, personnel and know-how that guarantee high quality of interventions in the field of underwater work and the clean-up.

The company has, from the outset, active in the field of underwater work and implementation of maritime and port works. It has since expanded its expertise to activities of inspections and maintenance even outside the areas of port and execution of quantitative and qualitative monitoring of ships, tanks, etc., and set standards for private companies and public bodies in the field of works maritime and in the management of technical and administrative controls.

Care for the environment and safety in the workplace is the company's policy priorities and drove ALPE Sub Ltd. to obtain, for several years, ISO 9001 (management system technical assistance services maritime, underwater and clean-up), RINA (controls on vessels and combined offshore), IQNET (provision of services and technical support for maritime works and anti pollution), Lloyd's Register (controls on vessels and joined offshore) and, finally, certification ABS controls for divers feelers, welding, EDDY CURRENT with video footage.

The company is also qualified OIMS by Exxonmobil. It provides its expertise to CEDIFOP entity that is responsible for training of divers OTS ALPE Sub employs 13 permanent employees and the support of teams of divers used a fixed and all qualified RINA. Also it benefits from the collaboration of technicians and professionals among the most experienced in the company's activities.